Welcome to new muslim club

The Club provides a unique opportunity to connect and network with fellow reverts to Islam. The Club is simply a space that facilitates activities, which enables the individual or family to maintain “good health” while on their journey back to our Loving Creator. It facilitates togetherness and purposefulness, and with this, a level of support and personal development to take you closer to the Lord of the Worlds, Insha-ALLAH.

Benefits of joining the New Muslim Club include (Insha-ALLAH):

  1. First preference to all notifications of offers such as Umrah trips, Iftar packs, Eid picnics, training courses, competitions, personal development webinars, Islamic calendars, etc.
  2. Support to establish local Clubs in your locality, to arrange activities and events exclusively for revert brothers and sisters.
  3. Exclusive access to national network of New Muslims through relevant seminars, workshops, exhibitions, conferences and other exciting activities.
  4. Support to develop resources and material to help reverts with understanding and practicing their faith.

Membership is open to all brothers and sisters who have taken the Shahadah and who are passionate to share their experiences and help others.

Membership to join New Muslim Club is absolutely free.


New Muslim Club Membership