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ALLAH is kind, and He loves kindness in all matters.

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ 

Learn the Essence of Islam & of Being a Muslim

Visit our dedicated YouTube channel to view lots of videos covering topics such as:

– Fundamentals of Islam 
– How & What to say in Prayers
– Tour of the Holy Qur’an
– Welcome to Ramadan
& much more.

Simply click on the below link to access and explore the large number of videos available:
New Muslim Care YouTube Channel

LIve Offers & Upcoming Events

Quran offer poster
Free Copy of Noble Qur'an

Fully translated in English,
and also in Dutche, Hindi, Polish and Romanian. Posted free to your home address in the UK.

Get a Free Book Every Month

Every month during this calendar year we are offering a paperback copy of an Islamic book absolutely free. The book will be posted free to your home address in the UK.

Get a Free Digital Book Every Month

Start your very own digital Islamic library with this amazing offer of a free electronic copy of an Islamic book every month for this calendar year. Simply click and request.

Free Welcome Gift Pack

Treat yourself to a welcome pack like no other... with six amazing booklets on Islam, together with a gift bag. We will also deliver the free gift pack to your home address in the UK.

Be Part of a Caring Community

We understand the need to know one another and to support each other. To have a social setup and environment to network, to share and to learn from each other. This is why New Muslim Care goes the extra mile in supporting community events dedicated to the revert community and also in engaging with the wider society. To be gain respect and value, one needs to share respect and value others. Together, we are stronger, Insha-ALLAH.


We at New Muslim Care are passionate to offer support. Please email us at [email protected].

The pioneering New Muslim World Conference sees the launch of New Muslim Care… a platform to assist those who are new to the Muslim faith and who may need help financially, socially, economically and/or spiritually.

Watch the Conference Teaser with sound.