New Muslim Care has a very clear aim and that is to offer assistance to those who have accepted Islam and also to offer advice and support to their families (whether Muslim or otherwise). To this end, New Muslim Care will undertake the following with the help of ALLAH SWT:

  • Provide information on the Islamic way of life, before and after taking Shahada (declaration of Muslim faith).
  • Offer a means of registering the Shahada in a convenient way by means of an online form. Once registered, a corresponding certificate will then be issued as complimentary and free of charge.
  • Provide a New Muslim Care National Helpline (03333 051 377), available 24/7, to discuss and seek relevant information on Islam and services available.
  • Offer a dedicated email address for New Muslim Care:, to air queries, questions and share suggestions.
  • Provide a system of care comprising spiritual guidance (through trained mentors and scholars, financial assistance (packages based on immediate need) and ethical support and advice to families of New Muslims.
  • Offer a nationally coordinated system of localised provision, where brothers and sisters new to Islam can be given personalised support.
  • Provide opportunities to socialise and network with fellow New Muslims, as well as with born Muslims, through activities and events organised at local, regional and national level.
  • Offer opportunities to champion, share and contribute to outreach programmes and gatherings and to work with born Muslims for them to better understand the needs of New Muslims.
  • Provide a means for New Muslims to fully engage and partake in everyday Islamic activities, worship and community activities.
  • Offer support to existing New Muslim groups across the country so as to enhance and advance the level of service being offered.
  • Establish a New Muslim Forum to champion the requirements of brothers and sisters new to the Islamic way of life by means of a coordinated national network, comprising organisations and individuals focused on offering care and support.