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About Us

Aslamo-alaikum (Peace be unto you).

Welcome to New Muslim Care, a one-stop portal to offer assistance and support to everyone who has embraced Islam as their Way of Life.

New Muslim Care (or NMC for short) focuses on providing spiritual guidance & advice, a social & community network, economical & financial support and ways of fully engaging with the whole Muslim community. In essence, the realisation of NMC Insha-ALLAH aims to address the current shortfall in having a comprehensive, nationally coordinated, offering of support and well-being structure to brothers and sisters new to the Islamic faith. By doing so, the initiative goes beyond the current standing by providing assistance to bridge the much needed togetherness of New Muslims with their counterparts, the Born Muslims. Through this, it is hoped Insha-ALLAH a stronger reflective community will be formed that covers all who belong to the Islamic faith and lead to further championing good for the whole society.

The emergence of NMC was officially launched at the pioneering New Muslim World Conference in Manchester on 23rd December 2018 (www.nmwconference.org); the one-day event being shown live on Islam Channel. NMC aims to provide a unique platform for individuals, as well as organisations working with New Muslims, to come together and champion the much requirement of developing a collaborated and focussed system of support. Through this, it is anticipated that advice, guidance and help will be readily available to those requiring it anytime, 24/7.

NMC is wholeheartedly a voluntary set-up. We also welcome people who feel they can make a positive contribution and difference to the lives of their fellow to citizens. By all means, if you want to discuss this or any other matter related to NMC then by all means get in touch. We have a dedicated email address and phone number for this, as well for any suggestions and feedback. We aim to provide a 24/7 national service on a voluntary basis, Insha-ALLAH.

We pray ALLAH swt accepts and blesses this humble effort and He guides all of us to champion His Love for others.


New Muslim Care Team

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